23 November 2010

Snow Day

My sleep was so sound last night. The lights went out around ten, and suddenly the alarm was going off – not my inner-neurotic-mother-checkonbabywhatifshesdying alarm clock, either. When BJ gets up for work, I ordinarily follow so I can shower and do some reading. Today I stayed in bed. In fact I'm still lying here in bed under the sheets listening to the wind thrash around my backyard. Sipping Columbian roast & thinking about the pumpkin bread my sister gave me, just out of reach in the kitchen..so. far. away from my bed, though.

I'm allowing myself unproductivity today for two reasons – 1. It’s become apparent that I’m stressing myself out. I’ve been being a biatch, as a result. What is it about stress that makes us want to blame our stress on everyone else? I need to relearn how to chill, like I did when I was a working mom. I feel so pressured to have everything perfect now that I don’t have the excuse of a job, but I’m discovering that it’s still impossible to live up to the standards I set in my head for myself. 2. I will be cooped up in a house with a toddler all day, and I’d like to be present in that inevitable state of lunacy as short and simply as possible. It is...n't easy being inside.

This weekend was the first real snow storm. We took Zoe out in it Sunday afternoon. She was reluctant, but inquisitive.  Eventually she grew quite taken with it.  She calls the snow "NO!", her toddler rhetoric omitting the S for a mysterious but maybe significant reason?

first snow angel, kinda.
We were hanging out under this tree and she was trying to eat the berries from my arms...hahaha

Our neighbors huge branch from their mammoth trees broke from the weight of the snow.  It may stay there for awhile until we can figure out how to grow hulk muscles and move it...or get something heavy duty enough to chop it up.

16 November 2010

Quick update.

It's been awhile. 
I had some time today, and this was on my mind.  Time isn't that free anymore, you would think since I lost my job I'd have time to do this kind of thing, but it's just the opposite.  Zoe and school don't allow me to sit still (unless I'm reading a textbook while she sleeps). 

Things are really, really good.  The holiday season is upon us, and I've been in my element with the Autumn.  It's my favorite season by far.  Christmas shopping for Zoe has been easy, we've already stock piled toys in our basement. 

BJ got a new job, one that pays better and treats him better, all around.  That is a big relief.  He deserves it.  I'm so grateful that he works hard for our family so we can keep living while I'm out of work. 

Being home with Zoe was really rough for me at first.  It was a shock to the system, and I doubted my ability to do it (happily).  After a week or two, I feel so happy to be home with her.  It takes more out of me than my body was used to.  I've stepped it up with eating better and working out every day.  Morning stretching is key for all the bending over and time on my feet I spend all day long.  We have so much fun.  I take her to daycare 1-2 days a week so I can clean and do homework.  You would think I'd revel in this time, but I always feel pretty empty all day alone and miss her something fierce. 

Anyway, about three month have passed since I've updated this thing.  A lot has happened, but I wont try to fit an ocean in a paper cup, so I'll just give you what's going on now. 

Zoe is really obsesssed with pumpkins.  She calls them pokes, and she kisses them all the time and tries to feed them her food or binkie. 
She learned about Santa this weekend, but sometimes calls him "Satan"... hehehe
She continues to be crazy about shoes and boots (and saying those two words)

Anyway, I'm sure there is more but I think she might be waking up. 

Here are some pictures!

 We went to the State Fair where she rode a pony for the first time (AKA floated up to heaven...girly girl.)

We also fed some ducks and walked around Wheeler farm.

 We had friends over one night for a pumpkin carving party.  Please note Holly's HILARIOUS Michael Jackson pumpkin.

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