28 June 2010

A little bug, some spiders, and 24 glorious hours of no accountability.

I didn't realize these spiders had puppy dog eyes, but they do.  They implored my soul.  I don't know why I have such compassion for spiders.  They scare me.  Maybe it's left-over guilt from discontinuing vegetarianism.

Hehe.  My mom took the binkies she was cuddling with away for the picture.  Sad!  She is obsessed with otter-pops.
Gypsy woman.  Nana was the sweetest to take Zoe over night and give us a break from life.  We drove out to Pineview Reservoir for a somewhat impulsive camping trip (we planned it and canceled every other hour), godspeed with nothing but the bare essentials.
So beautiful up there.  I was reveling in the open ranches.
Hanging out in the gas station parking lot of Eden/Huntsville/Monte Cristo/who the hell knows while B.J. solicited guide from the gas station attendant.
We drove for over an hour looking for a camping site.  EVERYTHING was filled up.  We were turned away over and over again and growing discouraged and frustrated.  Finally, the final camping ground we went to -- we were told it was full.  As we were looping around to leave with our hearts in our stomachs having to turn around and go home, we spot this beautiful open spot!  We were elated and relieved.
B.J. drove back down the mountain to get reception on his phone, so I moseyed about taking pictures of pretty nature.

Zoe flowers
Fly-away cotton was spooled around everything.
B.J.'s fire

Crazy kids decided to go frog the log spanning the stream.  I love my camera.  This was taken in the pitch black of the night.
We woke up and had brunch at a diner that had stuffed buffalo heads mounted on the walls and a waitress with a token femullet, then to the beachfront of Pineview Reservoir where The World Cup was being broadcast in Spanish from someone's car stereo.

Relaxing.  It was so nice, I begged time to slow down, but it wouldn't listen.

The Daddy Long Legs were thick.  Leaping out of the trees and making girls scream.
First camping trip of the summer.  It was good for my head.  Next time we plan on bringing the trailer and boat so Zoe can join the fun.

25 June 2010

Cherry bear.
Turned sixteen months this week.
She better knock off being this beautiful by the time she's sixteen years old
Is all her father has to say.

Her dictionary is exploding, and her will is obstinate.
She is so alive…animated, so joyful.
Such a mama's girl lately.

I love that she clings tight to my legs as I trip over them and her while I’m loading dishes
I love that she trusts me to make it better
I love that she cries for me while stretching her arms out as far as her miniature body will agree to until I sweep her up against my chest, sustaining her in the aching bend of my arm, jut of my hip, pain in my back, welcoming her up to the world from the stance of 5’5”, venturing it together.

15 June 2010

Domestic bliss + grass.

It's official; we are a little less white trash! The backyard has been somewhat of a taboo subject since we bought our house.  It was generously spacious, but it was also just a dumphole of dirt and dead trees, and probably the only house on the block without grass. I would post a before picture so you could truly gauge the massive improvement, but it would just kill the mood of this post. And I'm not in the mood to ruffle through archives. With the sweat sacrifice from some of our friends, B.J. gave us this gift of grass!  It's been a process several months in the making.  They had to clean up the grounds, level them over and over again, dig out stubborn roots, dig trenches and install the sprinkling system, then plant the seed and wait.  Plant more seed and wait some more. 

It all came together just in time.  Zoe demands to be outside every minute we are inside.   We would have been effed if it was still death valley back there. 

Mmm.  BJ got me addicted to Mexican coke.  I bought it in bulk at Costco a few weeks ago...best bad idea.
I gave Zoe a sip and that was just a bad idea. I downed the rest so she could play with the bottle she urgently required. She kept sucking at it like more coke would manufacture itself and spill it's magic forth and make life endurable again.  Suckaaaa.
I've always loved long grass and lacked most basic understanding why everyone is so obsessed with keeping it neatly manicured.
Don't worry, it's not a corpse...just a white girl.

About two hours later, BJ had finished cutting it.
We went on a walk around da hood and got all sweaty.

I taught her the "Kevin".
She got a hold of some honey and covered the side of her head with it. 

Some of her favorite (most abused ;)) words this week: 

Ivia (Iiiieeeeeeee)
Baby (bobbie) ((at herself in the mirror and every baby she sees))
Agua (Ahgoo....ah) ((occasionally tagging the 'ah' on))
Apple (appey)
Pretty (pwee)
Cheers! (Chee!)

10 June 2010

Sunshine, sunshine it's fine. I feel it in my skin, warming up my mind.

Sunday B.J. had plans that required physical exertion, something that is not compatible with my summer goals. I surrendered for awhile and cleaned the bathroom, did laundry, and vacuumed. Enough of that. I took Zoe to my parent’s where she did more (hesitant) frolloping through the backyard sprinklers before her eye was battered with a flyaway eyelash and runny sunscreen. Poor Zoebot.

My mom joined her for moral support. And my dad, true to his blessed form, found a hitch to fix before he could go on with life. We ate from large platters of Mexican food at a quiet cantina down the street then Zoe passed out in her nana's arms. I took advantage of her nap time to sneak away across 13th East where this adorable stuff was taking place on the front lawn:

The boys had been reviving the boat after it's wintery hibernation.  Zoe woke up so I relinquished my parents of her and brought her back with me. There was a BBQ and general lollygagging.
Then the sky turned and painted everything with this lucid maize glow.
A rainbow popped up.  Clearly a "Happy Gay Pride Weekend" wish from the heavens.
Then the sun bowed out and, just as we were leaving, the heavy churning sky above emptied its fat, voracious rain drops.  We convened under the awning and watched cozied with delight, among friends, our first summer storm.

07 June 2010

Every woman looks better in a sundress.

So.  As I mentioned before, I am currently in ownership of a new pretty camera.  I continue to insult it with injustice by being too impatient to learn how to operate it to standard, but life isn't over yet. 

In fact, it's just beginning...again...
Summer is the most fleeting feeling. I have vowed to absorb as much of it as I can handle this season.  In writing, in photographs, in actively making memories.  In order to do that, I have made myself completely free of all responsibility in my control.  No school, keeping the housework to a minimum, etc.  We have weathered the indoor life for far too long.  Anyone with a toddler understands the true torture that being indoors is.  We are all saved at last.  Bring it all on.  I even love the dry hair and sweaty skin, the dirty feet and the heat lethargy.

Saturday we all woke up late at 10AM. Bypassed the housework and yardwork nagging us everytime we looked up, and instead packed it to Gateway fountain, where thrills are cheap.  Zoe frolloped (new hybrid transportation mode of frolicking and galloping) through the surprise jet showers in the ground, made a few friends, my flourscent white legs may have turned a less flourscent shade of white.  She had me giggling giddy the entire time!  Probably the smallest kid running around through the water. 
My little Pisces fishy.
We cooled off with a community scoop of Ben & Jerry's ice cream in the shade.  Zoe ate most of it because ice cream brings out her selfish side.  [Sidenote:  We ate at that Thai food place in the background while I was in active labor with her..ha.]
She also danced around the flower patches with no pants on.  Not pictured. 
The most comfortable lounge chairs of life.

We were casually walking back to the car distracted in our own little worlds when I suddenly hear Zoe behind me yell out over the murmur of public, "Ba-Ball!  Ba-Ball!  Ba-Ball!!", stretching her arms out to touch the balloons from her place in BJ's arms.  An older man came up to me and softly offered, "Now isn't that cute?  That is just cute".  It touched me.
We stopped at Hansen Planetarium last minute. I've always loved the place.
She was pretty stoked about meeting a slinky for the first time.
I wanted to buy her a velvet baggie of some rocks for a souvenir, but BJ made a good point that she would probably just eat them.  As we were discussing this, she grabbed one and attempted to stick in her mouth before I bravely intercepted and thus caused Zoe tantrum 2010 in public.  Love them.  I thought this wasn't supposed to start yet? :(  We got her a bug bucket instead.

...To be continued.  Zoe has her 15 mo. well child with her new pediatrician in two hours and I need to finish some things up at work first. 

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