18 January 2011

First haircut!

Zoe had her first haircut today!  I've been tired of constantly cleaning it out of her eyes, losing bows, and tying it on top of her head like a turnip.




She's such a big girl now!
And her Dad was really proud that she chose the black car with flames on it over the sparkly pink one.

16 January 2011

Silly girl

I was downstairs sorting laundry this morning, calling Zoe to come follow me (as she typically, eagerly does), but this time she fell to a distraction -- calling back to my request, "I washing!"

After stuffing a load of laundry in, an alarming slippery slick oily sound emitted from her space as she continued exclaiming "I washing! I washing!"

I ran upstairs to find her washing the couch with my grapefruit scented body butter.

Parenting nose-dive for LOLing, seizing my camera, and then insisting she bring this sofa “cleansing” to a halt while I dashed like an E.R. doctor to the poor greasy buttered couch.

I don't think I have it in me to get mad about stuff like this. 
I just love this child so ridiculously.

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About Me

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