12 January 2010

The way I see it. Hmm, we'll stop at 22 for now.

Recent thoughts or experiences that might hint at the fact that I'm getting older and remind me that I'm constantly evolving. 
Let us examine:

1. Most facial piercings look stupid.
2. Drivers that drive fast and crazy aren’t badass kids, they are attempting to murder my daughter and destroy my life forever.
3. Confrontation, on most occasions, does not intimidate me.
4. Nearly perfected the difference in being stern vs. being rude and offensive
.5. When thinking about where I want to vacation next, the coast sounds more appealing than night life and culture.
6. Perceives some of the valid points that conservatives have and finds some of the extreme liberals obnoxious.
7. Feels absorbingly, profoundly blessed for what I have & blessed for what I don’t have.
8. Mourns that appreciating these things isn’t going to save any of us from bad things happening to us or the ones we love.
9. Trusts no one source of information.
10. Staying in on the weekend evenings is usually more gratifying than going out.
11. My elders have a lot to teach me.
12. As a general rule (with exceptions), if you were born after year 1987, I am probably not interested in pursuing an authentic friendship with you due to finding you slightly annoying or unlikely to relate to.
13. Misses the good old days when there was anonymity on the Internet and talking to people that didn’t exist within your earshot was exhilarating technology.
14. Thinks babies are the coolest.
15. Finds most poetry manufactured, melodramatic, and sometimes even amusing against its obvious intent. [Except for the REALLY good stuff.]  Not to discourage one from writing it if it is their preferred method of expression.
16. Livejournal friend, one year my junior, was placed as my college English instructor.  Way to get humbled.
17. Not sure how much I believe in astrology, psychics, or any of the new age eccentricities anymore, and finds the fanatics of these things pretty nutty.
18. Not as psychologically wrecked when I hear of a death as I was a few years ago. [It happens and will continue to happen, it’s a part of life and it is so very sad, but every lost life is not mine to hoard and splurge my grief on.]
19. I admire and respect hard work and have little patience with overly lazy people.  Laid back is fine if not preferred, but lazy as a personality trait kills me.
20. Terrified of bad karma, heart disease, cancer, and wastefulness -- and feel anxious when I don't do enough to prevent them in my daily life.
21.  Pickier about which obscenities are cool.
22.  Plans ahead.


Anonymous said...

I hope I was the exception to your #12 rule!! Love ya sis!

Jenny said...

Dude, you were born in 1986...you pass! Lol.

themrrogers said...

I love this list!!! I so relate to ever single one!

Joseph said...

I enjoyed this entry and have thought about it often since you posted it. I spend a lot of time considering the changes that come with life decisions, age, family, etc., and whether they are positive or negative. Your truthful examination of your current situation was refreshing.

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