17 January 2010

Zoe (pictured left with Stark Eye™ and baby blanket from my birth) had a hungry belly that required me out of bed around seven. I set a pot of coffee on while the brain nagged me about the scrubbing in the bathroom that needed to be done, which resulted in three sweaty hours of cleaning after coffee intake.  Having a clean house is a spiritual necessity to me. We met my parents and sister for a lunch mostly focused around Zoe’s latest bow-bearing abilities and the degree of spice in the food. I completely forgot to talk to them about some of the stuff I had intended.  Now BJ and I are home, baby sleeps, we rest and watch Hoarders. I cry at the end, like I always do, BJ passes out because he stayed up too late last night with his friends, Aaron and Dustin. I am grateful for the reciprocated reverence/understanding we have developed when it comes to having company over on the weekend. They commune downstairs while Zoe and I do our thing in peace upstairs, his friend's assure him I'm ten times cooler now that I'm not pregnant anymore (hahah?), overall it’s such a better vibe in the house.  I've made a vague resolution to be myself around people more (as opposed to mirroring whatever people put out), and I think it's working so far. 

I got online to see if I could do some homework, but it hasn't been made available yet online. Annoying.
So...bikini time.

Zoe and I stopped at Old Navy to get Kylee a birthday present (swimsuit and flip flops), and I couldn't resist picking one up for Zobot, too. 

Yesterday evening we celebrated our niece's 3rd birthday with the Spitzer family.

Kylee, the pretty birthday girl.

Liam and Zoe <3

Balloon terrorist

Little birthday lady with grandpa, grandma, cousins, and dad -- fixing to blow out her three candles.

Opening presents.


Andrea said...

Welcome to bloggy-land!! I had a blast reading through your posts! Keep em' coming!! Your daughter is gorgeous, still can't believe that you are old enough to be a mama though...

Heidi and Judd said...

I love the swimsuit!! Too cute, nothing better then a chubby baby in a swimsuit! I love that you have a blog now!

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