19 January 2010

Where's my mind.

I've recently experienced unspeakable bouts of forgetfulness/short-term memory loss. Nearly every day I'm late for work because I begin walking out the door juggling (in heels, important to note) baby in carrier, coffee, phone, miscellaneous supplies for daycare or leftovers for lunch, and like clockwork I have to set it down on the landing to run back upstairs and run mad around the house looking for the damn keys.

Today I checked my bank account and the balance was lower than I had anticipated. I could have sworn I deposited the excess student loan check last week, but it's not showing, and now that I think about it -- I don't feel sure I DID deposit it. I also can't find it anywhere, though?
BJ pulled a trash bag out of the main garbage this weekend to look for a different check that I can’t find and might have accidentally thrown away with a pile of junk mail.
I haven't seen one of the memory cards for our camera in a month, despite shredding my house apart looking for it.  My brain holds an impressive inventory of dates and times and people and bits of information worthy of swoon, but ask me to remember where I set my keys or recount general information of what happened two days ago? I wouldn't really know.

Completely. Losing it.  My mind, and, as of right now, several hundred dollars.  I'm only 26, this shouldn't be happening.  I'm growing frustrated with myself.  Maybe this is the manifestation of this "mommy brain" phenomenon I hear about.  Maybe it's because I didn't take my thyroid meds for a week (one of the many side effects of hypothyroid:  forgetfulness).  The sensible woman in me should probably excuse it as a side-effect of inevitable forgetfulness in some facets of my life due to having a mess load of other things to think about/remember/worry about...Either way, it's bad...probably worse than my description here.


themrrogers said...

They say that as you get older your ability to remember and focus gets worse. Partly because of age but also because of the "brain chatter" that goes on in there.

We are all bombarded by so much information and we practice retaining it, then the older we get the more we just get used to swimming in a brain full of chatter.

Information is coming at us faster then generations before. I think our brains fill up with chatter faster!..

This is why I meditate! Clear out the chatter :)

They also say that if you have tons of multi tasking and/or chatter going on it is hard to receive / listen to intuition...

Anonymous said...

ha, I am going to test my thought, your post get me some good ideas, it's truly awesome, thanks.

- Norman

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