11 February 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

Honestly, Football and I don’t connect. We just never have. I generally don’t understand people that obsess about the game, either. But when BJ and I started dating, the world of Super Bowl parties invited me in. I once viewed them as a party that only white trash people had. So we had a white trash super bowl party. Then I moved to West Jordan and became white trash anyway (kidding?) and discovered I welcome any pretext that warrants 1. Seeing my friends all in one place, and usually in good spirits. 2. Unrepentantly consuming delicious wine or beer before five pm. 3. Making crock pots full of processed cheese. Presenting Super Bowl '10.

Penny in her chic getup & Liz

Ian, BJ, Mimi, and Zoe attempting to come back to the world after her long nap.
Penelope and her crazy giraffe

Zoe & her Dada.

Holly & her boyfriend bringing their sunshine.

Trish, Me, and Zoe's annoying nazi toy that assumes every child has two legs, two hands, etc.  So sad for the children that don't.
Ian sans Stef.
Liz, Mimi, Penny, Kelton, John. 

The following five photo credits go out to Kelton...

Aaron & Beej
Thanks Kelton, for documenting the Super Bowl from your angle. :)

Zoe and Penelope's first super bowl party.  This video is pretty funny because it documents Zoe's new skills of stealing & sharing.  Poor Penny almost gets a shocking binkie in the eye as a result.  I love seeing these two interact together, it swells my heart a little.


themrrogers said...

LMAO! This post was priceless. I loved the documentation from Kelton's angle.

And the pacifier swap video was awesome.

Thanks for the awesome food! and the great time!

Anonymous said...

Cute pics!! Penny and Zoe are so cute together!

Mimi, that one girl said...

OMG so cute video! what are the chances you were recording that priceless moment?

Andrea said...

Looks like you had a fun time. Football, love it!! I had brothers, so it was a given in our house growing up. White trash! Proudly rocking my beer gut!! Heck, I am even West Jordan white trash too! I even live up the street from a trailer park...Yee Haw!! Good times.

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