26 February 2010

Zoe's Birthday Party

                            Sugary adult cake      Homemade organic banana cake

I made Zoe's birthday cake as healthy as I knew how while painting on a thin layer of chocolate frosting to make up for it.  It turned out pretty delicious.  No one around me wanted to try it.  It warmed my heart to know I wasn't going to send her into a diabetic coma on her first birthday.  She was very proper when we presented it to her.  Gingerly picking off the banana slices and nibbling on them.  After awhile of cajoling, we got her to leap in for the sake of convention!

She just started standing unassisted.  She does it really well!  She get's excited about it and starts bouncing/jumping then falls on her bum as a result.  No stepping yet, she has an emotional breakdown if you try to get her to walk...
(Yes, I found snarky humor in getting her a Hannah Montana bag.)

 My gracious parent's allowed the party in their roomy basement.  I made curry chicken salad sandwiches and mango avocado salsa for refreshments.  Many friends and family showed up with thoughtful gifts. 
Oh, this day exhausted me.  So much more work than I was up for.
She was hyper for awhile, and then became tired of the commotion of people and kids and fell asleep in her Nana's arms immediately after the chocolate icing rush wore off.
It was a very sweet way to end her birthday.
She slept from then (about 3:30) till nearly 9PM that night.  By far the longest nap since she was a newborn!
As I wrote on Facebook that evening:

Thank God it happened, Thank God it's over.


Burtons said...

Zoe's party looks like so much fun. I am so sad I missed it. Call me when you want to stop by.

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