15 June 2010

Domestic bliss + grass.

It's official; we are a little less white trash! The backyard has been somewhat of a taboo subject since we bought our house.  It was generously spacious, but it was also just a dumphole of dirt and dead trees, and probably the only house on the block without grass. I would post a before picture so you could truly gauge the massive improvement, but it would just kill the mood of this post. And I'm not in the mood to ruffle through archives. With the sweat sacrifice from some of our friends, B.J. gave us this gift of grass!  It's been a process several months in the making.  They had to clean up the grounds, level them over and over again, dig out stubborn roots, dig trenches and install the sprinkling system, then plant the seed and wait.  Plant more seed and wait some more. 

It all came together just in time.  Zoe demands to be outside every minute we are inside.   We would have been effed if it was still death valley back there. 

Mmm.  BJ got me addicted to Mexican coke.  I bought it in bulk at Costco a few weeks ago...best bad idea.
I gave Zoe a sip and that was just a bad idea. I downed the rest so she could play with the bottle she urgently required. She kept sucking at it like more coke would manufacture itself and spill it's magic forth and make life endurable again.  Suckaaaa.
I've always loved long grass and lacked most basic understanding why everyone is so obsessed with keeping it neatly manicured.
Don't worry, it's not a corpse...just a white girl.

About two hours later, BJ had finished cutting it.
We went on a walk around da hood and got all sweaty.

I taught her the "Kevin".
She got a hold of some honey and covered the side of her head with it. 

Some of her favorite (most abused ;)) words this week: 

Ivia (Iiiieeeeeeee)
Baby (bobbie) ((at herself in the mirror and every baby she sees))
Agua (Ahgoo....ah) ((occasionally tagging the 'ah' on))
Apple (appey)
Pretty (pwee)
Cheers! (Chee!)


Mimi, that one girl said...

I love these pictures.

Anonymous said...

She should be a model for "Coca Cola"

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