28 June 2010

A little bug, some spiders, and 24 glorious hours of no accountability.

I didn't realize these spiders had puppy dog eyes, but they do.  They implored my soul.  I don't know why I have such compassion for spiders.  They scare me.  Maybe it's left-over guilt from discontinuing vegetarianism.

Hehe.  My mom took the binkies she was cuddling with away for the picture.  Sad!  She is obsessed with otter-pops.
Gypsy woman.  Nana was the sweetest to take Zoe over night and give us a break from life.  We drove out to Pineview Reservoir for a somewhat impulsive camping trip (we planned it and canceled every other hour), godspeed with nothing but the bare essentials.
So beautiful up there.  I was reveling in the open ranches.
Hanging out in the gas station parking lot of Eden/Huntsville/Monte Cristo/who the hell knows while B.J. solicited guide from the gas station attendant.
We drove for over an hour looking for a camping site.  EVERYTHING was filled up.  We were turned away over and over again and growing discouraged and frustrated.  Finally, the final camping ground we went to -- we were told it was full.  As we were looping around to leave with our hearts in our stomachs having to turn around and go home, we spot this beautiful open spot!  We were elated and relieved.
B.J. drove back down the mountain to get reception on his phone, so I moseyed about taking pictures of pretty nature.

Zoe flowers
Fly-away cotton was spooled around everything.
B.J.'s fire

Crazy kids decided to go frog the log spanning the stream.  I love my camera.  This was taken in the pitch black of the night.
We woke up and had brunch at a diner that had stuffed buffalo heads mounted on the walls and a waitress with a token femullet, then to the beachfront of Pineview Reservoir where The World Cup was being broadcast in Spanish from someone's car stereo.

Relaxing.  It was so nice, I begged time to slow down, but it wouldn't listen.

The Daddy Long Legs were thick.  Leaping out of the trees and making girls scream.
First camping trip of the summer.  It was good for my head.  Next time we plan on bringing the trailer and boat so Zoe can join the fun.


themrrogers said...

Super Jealous we didn't make it!

Your camera ROCKS!!! That picture of the fire is Epic!!!

Joseph said...

Yeah, look at that perfect spiral at the center of the fire!

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