06 August 2010

I'll miss you, July.

A couple weekends ago my friend Jill invited Zoe and I along with Lindsay and her two boys out to the pool at her apartment complex. It was the first time for Zoe in a swimming pool, I had been anxiously waiting this landmark in time since she was born and it had arrived at last! I was sort of nervous how her fickle reactions to water would fare. (Mostly she loves it, but sometimes she refuses the bath tub.) I waded in with her snuggly in my arms as her body sank with mine and cool pool water encased us and a giddy smile immediately came across her face. The one that invites the question, “what is all this?!?!” We bobbed up and down she tried to back float and I put her in the ladybug floaty that had been patiently awaiting utilization in her closet for six months. She loved every moment of it. I got out and made her aunt Jill pose for pictures with her.

Jill and Lindsay were two of my best friends in middle school. The fates of High School teenage theatrics tore us apart and I never really heard from them again. A few years ago, B.J. and I were dining out at Market Street Grill (this was before baby, when we could afford it), and a cute little boy in the semi-circle booth next to us kept popping his rosy-cheeked face over the back of the seat and saying hi. When his mother got up and walked past our table toward the bathroom, the realization struck that it was my old friend Lindsay! We talked tentatively and made preparations to get together with Jill at Chili’s a few weekends later. We have been hanging out regularly since. Spending time with them is as comfortable and enjoyable now as it was then. It’s amazing how even after years and so many life changes your chemistry and care for certain people never changes. Our personalities still mesh perfectly together.

Hehe.  Koby is the cutest!  Even when I make him cry heavy saddest sobs when I poke his belly.

We had to make a sudden break when Zoe got sunscreen in her eye and Jill and I endured the longest walk in the blazing hot sun with a hysterical toddler, it was so sad, but she fell asleep on the car ride home.  Later that afternoon we drove out to Bountiful for the annual 24th Of July Parade in front of my Aunt DeAnne's apartment.  It's a tradition every year, and BJ was able to make it this year.  It's way fun to see all the kiddos and hang out making the occassional sarcastic comments to my sister and BJ about the "floats" as they go by. 

My cousin Katie and her youngest daughter Makenna. :)

This little girl instantly stole my heart. She was adorned in her princess dress and stood keyed up and devoted at the frontlines of the parade, cheering every passerby on and catching airborne candy. At one point, she came over and gave some of her candy to the babies, very sweet. I was so afraid her parents thought I was a creepy stalker as I stealthily snapped photos of her, but my desperation to capture her endearing spirit was stronger than fear of being a creep.

Pretty sister and her son Bentley.
Nana, Zoe, Makenna
Dad and my cousin's daugher, Katelyn.  All her kids are ridiculously gorgeous.

Zoe is fearless and seemed to think she belonged in the parade instead of just sitting on the sidelines watching. My mom is hooking into the back of her skirt to prevent that from happening as Zoe grins that mischievous grin.
Breast cancer awareness has never looked so cute!
Playing with her second cousin, Lindsey.


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