01 April 2010

My homie: The iPhone

I was skimming over dooce.com yesterday and noticed the obscure effects on some of her recent photos.  I didn't like them.  I checked out the iPhone app she recommended anyway (hipstamatic) and promptly fell head over heels.
Trish and Aaron had dinner with us last night.  Trish brought over gnocchi, I made a spinach salad and a veggie pizza.  Mmm mm. We had a nice time, but I was too excited about my new app to sit still. I took many a photos around the house playing around pairing different lenses, films, and flashes.  I love the effects on some of these pictures and still can't believe they came from a phone and haven't been edited in photoshop. 

Get ready for way too many photos:

Bathtime girl!  (or, as she says, baff).  She is kind of big for the baby bath, but she's gone under twice (and suffered me two heart attacks) in the tub since the grippers on the bottom are worn off.

Random shots from last night, screwing around with the different settings.  Clockwise:  model BJ, Zoe trying to wake up this morning, me with apparent red eyes, Trish, Zobot with her toofbrush & me, ledge over our sink, antique wine rack that BJ gave me for my 26th bday, Trisha's gnocchi, middle is some weird putty creature stuck to the door...mystery how it got there.

A gorgeous spring day in Utah.  Ivia's house (my dream), trees in my front yard, random street on my way to work.

From the desk of Jenny Spitzer.
Sorta like those artfucks on Flickr...

I am pretty convinced the iPhone might be the most miraculous contribution from man yet.
Well, aside from cheese.


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Bailey Family said...

that is such a cool phone and takes awesome pictures! Looks like the fam had a wonderful time up the canyon last week, cute pictures. I miss little zoe! Reagan told me he saw zoo again at ivies. These cuties make me laugh!

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