05 April 2010

[L:R]:  Liam, BJ, Zoe, Kylee, Diana, Winston, Emma, Sarah

Easter 2010!

My thoughts on Easter. Hm. Though I am not a dutiful church-loving folk by any means, I am becoming more and more a family folk, and I take advantage of most any holiday that permits festivity by way of colorful cheap plastic trinkets that amuse my eternally charged one-year-old for two refreshing minutes before she demands the next big thing to take her through the subsequent two minutes of her life. Call me a pawn in the evil retail scheme, whatever, I don’t care anymore. Holidays paint the world and give us all a reprieve from the humdrum if you aren’t a hater, even ones from theology I appreciate but don't completely eat-up that have been consumed by irrelevant marketing symbols. I’ll take any excuse to eat home cooked meals with my family on a lazy Sunday or to further cultivate a closeness to my in-laws and to watch Zoe frolic with her cousins, as that is the superior source of amusement and bonding for us all. Anyway, that is probably enough of my reflections which are boring to most of the internet due to absence of pictures contained in them, so...the following is another set, true to the style of this blog, of a zillion and three pictures of Easter merriment!  It was the most truly enjoyable weekend we have had in awhile.

Saturday Afternoon:  Easter Egg Hunt @ Gma&Gpa Spitzer's House!

Zoe cheated and grabbed an egg she spotted before the hunt started.

Diaper butts in tight pants are the cutest.
Dad helped her find some sweet loot.
How gorgeous are Amy and Joseph's kids?

Saturday Night:  Egg Coloring @ Our Place with Jill, Ian, and Liam

Liam and Zoe doing their dang thing.
Liam is SUCH a ham!  At first sight of the camera he pauses and gazes at you with this idyllic smile.
Carter's egg creations
BJ's egg creation with my Donald Trump egg.
Ya Fired!

What I love about Liam and Zoe together is that Zoe is such a parrot when he is around.  Everything he does she has to keep in step with.  EVERY. THING.  It reminds me what emulating creatures humans are.
Easter Lovins

Sunday morning for brunch we deviled the eggs using this recipe...OHM they were the best deviled eggs I've ever had.
Easter Day @ Gma & Gpa Reed's House!

Her many dresses weren't sitting well with me, so we summoned Snow White.

My family had a basket of Easter treats for Zoe when we arrived.   My mom went all out and made the BEST meal for us.  Stuffed green peppers, potato soup, yummy rolls, funeral potatoes, chocolate dipped strawberries and the best mint brownies of my life!  We sat around the table and Zoe ate with us in her sea creature highchair, it was so nice. :)


Mimi, that one girl said...

super cute!!!

Bailey Family said...

what a cutie! love the new dress!!! looks like you had a wonderful easter!

Anonymous said...

So cute!! I love seeing her will all the big kids :)

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