20 April 2010


Spring Goals:

1. Strictly limit television viewing to after Zoe’s bed time. Cancel Comcast Cable in order to free up an extra $100 each month. Put that money away to save for new big computer that can be used dually as television and family computer so we can get the mammoth big screen out of the living room. [SIMPLIFY!]

2. No alcohol during the week days.

3. Play outside with Zoe after work every day the weather permits.

4. Drink 2-3 massive water bottles a day (re-using the same massive water bottle).

5. Make an effort to be closer to BJ. Show more affection; openly explain my thoughts and details of my day that may inspire him to do the same and inspire closer considerations of one another. I find that, when I have one experience where I catch him tuning me out, I almost completely cut off and stop trying to tell him things, and it eventually causes catastrophic domino effect in our relationship.

6. Limit meat consumption to a couple meals a week.

7. Buy nothing unless it’s an emergency [or nutritious food].

8. Pick up the house little by little to avoid hours of cleaning on the weekend.

9. Take time to talk to my co-workers and nurture camaraderie. Take pride in my employer, my work, and myself…even when it feels futile.

10. Respond to text messages and make more phone calls just to talk. I used to be a text machine, but now texting aggravates me. I blame the touch screen on the iPhone. I still haven’t quite gotten it down.

11. Teach myself how to do more DIY crafts and be more earth-friendly around the house. I want to learn how to knit. I want pretty stationary to write my friends letters on, and I also want to start home-making pure natural cleaning agents and bath products.

12. Catch up on Zoe’s baby book.

13. Be more mindful of my assets. Don’t take them for granted, because when I do I lose them.

14. Focus and DO instead of sit and THINK so I can utilize my time as cleverly as possible. (I think this will be the hardest)

15. Plan (dinner) meals down to the recipe from week to week so I only have to go shopping once. I find we waste much less food and money this way because I try to include the same fresh ingredients in each diverse meal, so less rots away in the fridge half-used.

Wish me luck!


Burtons said...


You are such a good mom. Zoe is so lucky to have you. I need to make some Spring goals myself. I love reading your posts....they truly motivate me to be a better person and mom myself. Thanks!

Joseph said...

Great goals! I could benefit from most of these too.

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