12 April 2010

Saturday is a special day...

Oh, another fine weekend it was. Saturday the choir of backyard birds woke me up around 8AM. I mustered the ambition to get up alone and instigate housework and a long shower while everything was still quiet and I was free to do what I wanna. When BJ woke up we split a Red Bull and drank it out of glass tumblers, it felt very funny yet charming. Zoe eventually joined the living world just in time to dress and leave to meet one of our favorite couples, Mimi and John, and their entourage for a spree at Wheeler Farm. Zoe appeared to LOVE it, and we loved watching her bright-eyed head attempt to process all of it. Geese squawking like prehistoric creatures, pig snouts sending ripples through their drinking water, a drowsy hay ride without the hay through a forest of trees still barren from winter. The experience gave me a new appreciation for the place. Being a parent is incredible in the way it alters your entire perspective on..well, everything. I love re-experiencing the world I thought I knew through my baby’s eyes. It’s a fascinating place.

[Family Portrait in the parking lot]

[Pointing to the ducks, geese, and swans.]
[Sheep bootay]
[Daddies and Daughters.  Aw if it isn't the cutest.]
[I found this awesome.]

[He smelled like feta]
[This goat looked just like my sister's dog, Bentley!]
[There was a little girl her age to the side of the tractor that she was fixated on]
[Mimi and her sister-in-law Kristin and their baby girls Penelope & Clover.]
[Lunch time chills.]
[Hay ride!  Minus the hay.]
[We bulldozed through some wedding photo moments, oops.]

[I remember on field trips we used to go on a tour through this house and they would give us bread with honey at the end.]

When we left, my car had drunk up sunlight to the point that I was sweating and had to change into a tank top. It was euphoria! We drove to Jessica’s place. She let me buy a lightly-used Britax off of her for $50.00. I am sooo giddy about it! It’s so luxurious and roomy and soft and the pattern is probably exactly what I would have picked myself. I scored so hard. It’s nice to know Zoe is the safest she can be while rolling around with me. This officially makes her a big girl. Walking, talking, and now bucketless.

We went home and Zoe and I took a bath while BJ mowed the lawn. I met Jill, Lindsay, and Lindsay’s sweetest new little boy, Koby, for an early dinner (senior citizen aka Jill Raymond time) at Bonsai. We chatted up the entire time, mostly disregarding the talented Japanese chef as he performed his culinary craftiness for the small table audience. I felt bad, but oh well. We constantly have stuff to discuss and laugh about effortlessly, it’s amazing. I’m so glad that they are in my life.
My mom watched Zoe while we dined because it is practically impossible to tame my little wild thing in a stifling restaurant at this point. We went over there after dinner and let the chillums meet and took some great pictures of the ittle Koby man with Zoe. They are almost exactly a year apart – Koby was born February 18th (a date I forever engrained in my memory as it was Zoe’s due date while I was pregnant. The day I pined away for interminable months.)

The following two pictures are CLASSIC!
[Zoe loves exploring babies faces by backhanding them.]
[Well I oughta!]

After they left, my mom and I sat around with the bot and I painted my nails. My mom saw us off and Zoe was whisked away into dreamland on the drive home and stayed that way when I put her down in her crib. This meant BJ and I got to make smores and rent Where the Wild Things are OnDemand. It was the first time we’ve been able to lay in a cuddled mass and watch a movie together uninterrupted in ages, it was incredible.  The movie was so cute. My heart was swollen with happy.


Mimi, that one girl said...

I love the way your write stuff! I like Zoe is fearless around other children. you're so good at making cute babies :)

Burtons said...

I still laugh when I think about Zoe's interaction with Koby. How funny!!!! I had such a fun time and value our friendship......we could chat for hours...maybe even days. Next up....girls day at the park. Can't wait.

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