17 May 2010

Zoooobily Zoo...magic and wonder are waiting for you!

We took Zoe to the zoo yesterday.  I've been wanting to go for awhile, before I could make her as my excuse, despite my complex feelings about zoos.  I don't think I'd been here since rainy elementary school field trips. 
Zuri is the new baby African elephant at the zoo.  She's about nine months old and irresistably endearing.  She seemed restless and couldn't get herself comfy.  Her mam ate while she rested at her trunky legs.
Resting in the shade after she threw a fit during the bird show because we wouldn't let her go on stage...hehe.  Ohhh, girl.

She was so happy running around where the monkeys played.

I changed the color of this hoping to not blind by glipse of my fair skin.  Fail.

First merry-go-round ride.  She got the gorilla and owned it.  After a couple go-rounds, she decided she was in love and squealed and kicked in excitement as I held her on.
After the merry-go-round.  Not at all happy about being peeled away from it.
Also not happy about "measuring up", apparently.

Hehehe.  She exclaimed just about every animal we saw "doggie".

I dunno what it is with little boys, every where we go they all love her and want to touch her. Stay away, little boys.

This dude was a creepily cute!  He didn't move a muscle the entire time, he sat there puffed with a glazed look in his eyes. Maybe he was stuffed?

Gorgeous little lady somewhere under the pound of sunscreen.

Too coo for zoo.

I also love owls.
Sloths are cool too.
<3 Zoe and Grandpa Jer.
The elusive Gorilla...
And his peacock "friend".

He/she (dunno?) came up to the window where Zoe stood staring on the other side, and gently offered her that blue pipe thing. It broke my heart.
Mommy's little monster.
:)  Zoe and Nana.
It was a really nice time, I’m glad my parents joined us. I wouldn't mind going back this summer. Zoe was equally or more enthused with the broods of children around her than the animals on exhibit. She also enjoyed running amuck and meeting a lot of people. She's is a skilled social ice breaker.  We were all so ready to go home and collapse after three hours, but she had other plans.  So I crawled through mud for the rest of the day...doing laundry, giving her a bath, etc. praying for it to be 9PM.  As soon as my time of glory came, I passed out the second I hit the mattress.  Man, I'm getting old.

Blah.  I'm getting kind of bored with this blog.


Anonymous said...

LMAO! "Stay away little boys."

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