28 May 2010


Zoe's fever had me holding vigil at her every move yesterday and B.J. called it a day after installing a water heater. That meant that Thursday date night (that usually consists of watching The Office and eating pizza) turned into date day! Once Motrin cracked her fever, we were off.

We had a business errand to run in South Salt Lake, while we were out that way I optimistically recommended we stop at Grove's Market for lunch, fearing that B.J. would protest, but he didn’t!  And I think he was reminded that good places DO exist away from the West side. I think a craving inspired me to make the drive once during my pregnancy, but otherwise it had been way. too. long. This 50’s era market (not 50's inspired or mock -- thank God) on the corner has always made me feel so, so happy. Also, their sandwiches are enormous and unrivaled in scrumptiousness.  Pictured above is their immaculate variety of hot sauces.  Some with pretty funny names, one's I don't feel comfortable repeating to you, blog. 

Trying to give Zoe a bite.  She's decided she's a vegetarian, though.

B.J.'s weird pastrami or salami thing.  He eats his sandwiches upside down, too. :)
The deli guy must have sensed the delicate woman that I am and sliced my half-sandwich in half.  Tomato Avocado heaven!  This is definitely not a first date food.  Nothing sexy about avocado slipping out of the bread and up your nose with every bite...or is there?

BJ insisted she stop dancing around that...pole...

Then we went for a walk down Grove Ave. to settle our bursting stomachs.

Okay, last post for awhile I promise.  I have to blog iPhone pictures onto the internet because I have this phobia that my phone is going to die forever and my computer will suddenly collapse and all my pictures will be gone.

Later we went to Murray park, it was fun and lush and peaceful as well, but I don't feel like writing about it.


themrrogers said...

I Love Grove Market Sandwiches!!! Matty took me there when we first lived together.

What memories, eating those enormous sandwiches!

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