25 March 2010

Guilty Pleasures

"It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues." -Abe Lincoln
I read that on a coffee cup this week. I liked it.  It gave the many vices in my life meaning and hope.
So let's hop to it.  Here are some of my latest vices/guilty pleasures:
I'm currently on my third bag of the season.  Satiny chocolate nestled in a thin crispy shell that melts in your mouth and fills it with Easter magic wishes...I'm not big on candy, but these!  I suck on them, one by one, carefully and deliberately, all day at my desk. 

Classic Rock/Hair Rock.  As I was telling Jenn in the car the other day while we had Scorpions blaring, this is how I know I'm getting old -- where I used to crave music with lyrical poetry, now I'd really just rather rock out.  It is consoling music, it connects me to an imaginary time in my mind where things were simple.

I LOVE my murder mystery stories.  If there are successive episodes on TruTV of this stuff,  my night is suddenly planned out.

Remember how I used to hate pink?  And how cool it is to hate pink?  I dress my daughter up in girly pink all the time then squeal about how cute she looks.  Weird.

Speaking of girly, this store.  I go to the South Towne location and it is in the old Mervyn's so I don't have to walk through the dreaded ghetto mall (I don't think I'd bother if it didn't have an entrance accessible from the parking lot). Cheap flirty dresses, what else does one truly need in life?  As long as this store exists, I will not fall into the mom look, but the "mom that can still be sexy cause she is only 26 and it's not over yet (even if she's only just fooling herself)" look, thank the graces for you Forever 21.

I never cared for rum until I tried Ten Cane last summer ON A BOAT.  Then we decided to expirement with the rum shelf due to budget cuts and we discovered Myer's, which I actually prefer over Ten Cane.  It is the best way to relax after a long day, or a day of any length...one of my favorite things to do after work is drink a rum/coke and chop vegetables for dinner while Zoe plays with the pots and pans at my feet and makes her cute noises that I mimic back.   It's truly cathartic.

I waste so much damn time on this website with nothing to show for it, it's pathetic.  I am completely, utterly sucked into social networking.  My time will never be used wisely as long as I have an account here.  I'm considering deleting it so I can use the time I waste on there to focus on school, but let's be honest -- my entertainment and social life would become even more pathetic and I would lose all my friends.
When I made the slow transition back to being an omnivore after 7+ years of vegetarianism, I told myself and everyone else that I would never eat another hamburger (for the 394854 reasons there are out there not to contribute to the fast food industry), HOWEVER...they built one of these right by my house and curiosity got me and I will never be the same.  It is a daily temptation to drive by on my way home from work and look away...or not suggest it as a dinner option every time BJ and I stand in the kitchen wondering what science expirement can materialize from our pantry.


Andrea said...

You crack me up! I don't see how you can stand In and Out though, I can't stand the smell! It stinks so bad around 3:00 I can't go outside. Oh well, the joys of living in "WoJo"

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