17 March 2010

Oh Spring, you fickle friend...

At last -- Spring came around yesterday after standing us up all weekend -- leaving us to sit around indoors, grieving the day for not living up to the reprieve from winter the sunny weather leading into it had promised. 

I have been burning to take her out in her wagon since we bought it for her --  my quality of life depended on it, and I finally got to yesterday!   I wore a spring dress and still broke a sweat -- having to promptly remove my Bouncing Souls jogger upon walking a few steps up the sidewalk.  We went all over the neighborhood, where she threw her sippy in the middle of the street without me noticing, then over to the park.
The snotty East-sider in me that occassionally pesters my sensibility found the West Jordan Park pretty dismally ghetto, and mingling with the other parents in the broad mid-afternoon light of the park was weird experience.  I felt lonely and wished BJ was next to me or that I had a mama friend to hang out with in the neighborhood.

Swinging is her favorite hobby in life thus far. Her appetite for the swing is insatiable. Those little fingers were fused to the chain.  It's delightful to push her and watch her squeal through her pumpkin smile.
I did, however, make a new friend.  His name was Kayden.
Cascading snotty noses are fundamental to the park experience.  I regret all the times in the past, before I was a parent, when I judged other parent's for not keeping up with wiping their kid's snotty noses.  Really?  That is akin to expecting someone to absorb a waterfall with kleenex and pretend that the waterfall site is actually a desert...or something.

Sweaty and tired on the front porch.  This was the moment the day went from paradise to agony...the moment I TOOK HER AWAY FROM THE PARK.  Remind me not to do that next time, thanks.


Anonymous said...

These are adorable! I love her glasses :) She looks like she was LOVING that swing!! -Michelle

themrrogers said...

I love parks! and kids at parks!

I love the pictures and I agree with the nose comment. I used to think the same thing about parents who couldn't maintain the nose.

When Kelton was 2 his nose was always messy and what made it even worse was he hates to blow it.

Even today he hates to blow it but now we can put him in front of the mirror and say "look at that, you should do something about it"!

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